Landscape Irrigation

Did you know that over half of residential water use goes to irrigation? 

Also, did you know that most residents over-irrigate? 

The links below will help you get your landscape in shape - and save water!

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For information about rebates for switching out inefficient high-water using landscape with low-water using landscape or rebates for irrigation equipment upgrades, go to the Santa Clara Valley Water District's Landscape Rebate Program.


How much water do my plants need?

For Irrigation scheduling assistance, developed for the San Jose Water Company, click here for more info.


Irrigation Info - The Irrigation Association webpage

The Irrigation Association's webpage has a wealth of irrigation information including online learningvideos and webinars, and technical resources for irrigation professionals as well as Best Management Practices (BMPs) that benefit landscapes, both large and small.

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Irrigation Info - California's Save Our Water webpage

The Save Our Water webpage has important drought-specific water conservation information about how to help your...