Landscape Resources

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Rebates, Programs & Services

  • Free Water Wise Survey Program for Homes - the Santa Clara Valley Water District is offering this free service for homeowners in Santa Clara County.  Click here for more info.

  • Free Large Landscape Survey Program for Businesses and Schools- the Santa Clara Valley Water District is offering this free service for businesses and schools in Santa Clara County.  Click here for more info.
  • Rebates!  For info about rebates for switching out inefficient high-water using landscape with low-water using landscape, go to the Santa Clara Valley Water District's Landscape Rebate Program.
  • Graywater Laundry to Landscape Rebate Program - For info about rebates for installing these systems, click here.

Landscape Designs

Nurseries and Irrigation Equipment Suppliers

Landscape Professionals

  • Landscape Professionals ListFor a list of landscape design, construction, and/or maintenance companies that have worked with three or more Santa Clara Valley Water District Landscape Rebate Program participants, click here
  • Qualified Water Efficiency Landscapers (QWEL) ListQWEL is a certification program developed to educate landscape professionals and their customers on the benefits of sound landscape design, management and irrigation practices. Trained in water-wise landscape practices including plant selection, irrigation system design and water management, a QWEL graduate will help meet your landscape needs while keeping your outdoor water use in check. Find a Qualified Water Efficient Landscaper in your area.
  • Visit the California Landscape Contractors Association’s Certification Program to learn about certified landscape contractors or click here to view a list of CLCA certified landscape contractors.
  • To hire a gardener to maintain your garden using sustainable landscape maintenance practices, contact the Santa Clara Valley Green Gardener Program.

General Gardening Information

  • For a comprehensive guide to the Sheet Mulching process, click here.
  • Receive advice and resources on home horticulture, pest management, and sustainable landscape practices from Santa Clara County's U.C. Master Gardeners.   Click here for more info.
  • Promote native plant species biodiversity within your landscape, and learn about the natural ecosystems of Santa Clara Valley: California Native Plant Society.  Click here for more info.
  • This City of San Jose Sustainable Landscaping Guide will help you make your garden more sustainable.  Click here for more info.
  • For a list of plants to reduce pollution from stormwater runoff, click here.

Irrigation Information