Water Quality

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Sustainable Landscapes vs. Conventional Landscapes - What's the difference?

Conventional landscapes tend to feature plants that need lots of water or may need frequent use of gasoline-powered equipment to manage them properly. Also, conventional landscapes often rely on pesticides and fertilizers to promote healthy growth. Rain or excess irrigation water can transport these pollutants down street gutters and into storm drains, which empty directly into the nearest creek and the San Francisco Bay. Such pollution is harmful to fish, wildlife, and human health.  

Comprehensive list of creek-friendly improvements to your yard

Capture Rainwater

Your yard can actually retain and clean rainwater. Capturing and storing rainwater reduces the need for irrigation with precious drinking water. Using permeable pavement, rain gardens, swales, or dry creek beds, you’ll help reduce peak runoff during rain events, allowing the soil to soak up rainfall and give soil microbes a chance to filter some of the pollutants. These features may also add a unique, creative look to your landscape.  

Prevent Water Pollution

Learn how to prevent water pollution, indoors and out.  

Household Hazardous Waste

Do you have Household Hazardous Waste (pesticides, herbicides, oils, cleaners, etc.) to dispose of? Visit www.hhw.org or call (408) 299-7300 to make an appointment for a free drop-off.