Resolve to Save Your Rainwater! NEW Rebates for Rain Barrels and more!

We want you to capture the rain!! The Santa Clara Valley Water District is now offering Rainwater Capture Rebates within its Landscape Rebate Program. 

Rain gardens, rain barrels, and cisterns are all systems used to keep rainwater onsite for reuse within the landscape and are now available for a rebate.

For all rebates under the Landscape Rebate Program, including the Rainwater Capture Rebates, application submission and approval is required before purchasing any new equipment or starting any work.  Please visit the Water District’s website for more information or call our Hotline at (408) 630-2554.     


Did you know that one of the most common problems with rain barrels is mosquito breeding? Thousands of mosquitoes can emerge from standing water inside a rain barrel. Follow these three simple steps to eliminate mosquitoes:

1.       Cover the barrel and all openings

2.       Empty barrels on a regular basis

3.       Keep the lid clear of standing water

Do your part to prevent West Nile and Zika virus outbreaks!

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