Fall is the Time for Planting CA Native Gardens!

As fall arrives, it’s a great time to give your water guzzling yard a makeover and install a beautiful, low water use landscape instead that provides year round color and interest, habitat and food for local birds, butterflies and bees, and reduces maintenance needs.

For inspiration, take a look at Valley Water’s Landscape Rebate Program participant Sheridan Laine’s garden and follow along as she shares she experience of transforming her lawn to a California native habitat garden and participating in the California Native Plant Society’s Going Native Garden Tour.

To learn more about selecting, installing, and maintaining CA native plants in your garden, check out the 9 part video series from the Maintaining Native Gardens & Leak Detection Workshop, hosted by BAWSCA, City of Palo Alto and Valley Water. Landscape architect, Sherri Osaka, discusses all aspects associated with designing and maintaining a low water use garden, including irrigation, soil care, propagation, weed control and much more.

To learn more about receiving a rebate for transforming your lawn into a low water use landscape in Santa Clara County, and to start the online application process, click here. Remember, to remain eligible, application submittal and approval are required before starting your project.