NEW!! Graywater Workshop Video

The summer is in full swing. Landscapes are getting thirstier as the days get hotter. Why not help your plants with a new graywater system? Graywater from your clothes washer is a locally controlled, drought-resilient water supply that helps you reuse water without needing a bucket!

But how do you start? How much does it cost to install a laundry graywater system? Who has the time to figure all this out? Valley Water is here to help.

Check out our virtual graywater workshop today! It’s divided into a 4-part series to help you figure out at your own pace whether a laundry to landscape graywater system will work for you, what you need to know about graywater from your sinks and showers, how to plan for project costs, and why graywater has benefits beyond reusing water.

After watching the virtual workshop, you can find more information, including how-to videos, can be found at and Ready to take action?

Sign up for our Direct Installation Service made possible for a limited time through a partnership with Ecology Action. We will connect you with contractors to do the work for free or a highly-discounted price. Or, apply for Valley Water’s $200-$400 rebate. Take that first step to make your landscapes green and thriving with graywater by attending a virtual workshop today.

Happy Gardening (with graywater)!!

Lovely landscape, irrigated with graywater

Lovely landscape, irrigated with graywater