Green Gardener Training - Fall 2019

Meet the demand for Green Gardening practices and expand your business prospects! Come take the Green Gardener Training in English (starting on August 28th) or in Spanish (starting on August 29th).

This ten-week series of classes will provide you with the key principles of Sustainable Landscaping or Green Gardening by learning practices that conserve water, enhance and protect the soil, and reduce the use of pesticides. Green Gardening creates a healthier garden for your client, a healthier work environment for you and your employees, and a better environment for our shared land and water resources. Those who successfully complete the classroom and hands-on training program by attending at least 80% and pass a final exam will receive a certificate and will be identified as Santa Clara Valley Green Gardeners and will receive free advertising and promotional referrals to clients seeking “Green”or sustainable landscaping services. 

For more information call (408)-522-2700 or click here.